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My art atla Sirius Black james potter remus lupin marauders peter pettigrew the last airbender Potter-Avatar crossover

Drarry @sadfishkid tumblr

I will go down with my ship, singing serenades and playing romantic tunes with violin.< I don't ship it but this is cute(I need my Scorbus!

So excited about Fantastic Beasts! Check out this awesome guide to all the fabulous creatures you will see. Harry Potter Party| 10+ crafts and games to play with Free Party Printables

Harry Potter Party

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: Meet the Beasts Infographic Does this go in my Harry Potter board or do I make a fantastic beasts board or another Newt board for Newt Scamander?

apparently all this ‘whitewashing fred’ crap is actually quite inspiring XD Weasley twins, who are definitely thinking exactly the same thing and definitely up to

Luna Lovegood taught me... That being yourself is way better than being how people want you to be.

Luna Lovegood taught me. "That being yourself is way better than being how people want you to be." Harry Potter - Submitted by kenzerlythedinoslayer

:) don't forget Remus

Haha Marauders - I still think that Andrew Garfield would be the PERFECT young Remus :) <---He totally would

"We were all a bit of an idiot" -Sirius

viria: “ -Llaaaadieessss… and James is pretty much just spying on Evans. hehe I intend to finish this one.well, I normally don’t fangirl over my own drawings, but. I finished.