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Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney calendar ~ life in pictures. -- the one labeled 26 was actually taken in 1965 when he was it is true that he was replaced in late as many believe, then all of the photos from 29 on are of the replacement Paul.

wellifhesyourgrandfather:  “ I literally cannot deal with the amount of cute/adorable in this gif.  Look at John’s face.  look at ringos CUTE ASS SMILE.  ”

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Happy birthday sir James Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is well over 70 to be exact) but damn who wouldn't marry Paul.

Real "Samurai" Photos.

Aniplogs Anime Source: Let's Get Back To Old Japan - Photos of Real Life Samurais &

Paul McCartney in the recording studio for his and Linda's hit album, 'Ram'. 1970. New York. Photograph by Linda McCartney.

Paul McCartney photographed in the recording studio for his and LInda's "Ram" album in New York by Linda McCartney in 1970