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Free Eye candy Vector and SVG graphics in HTML5 presentations and animations

from Smashing Magazine

Rethinking Responsive SVG

Week 8 - Responsive SVG Icons - In this case, though, the article actually goes out of its way to talk more about SVG as a viable tool for - well, advertisements. In fact, it even says we can use this in lieu of CSS (well, we can build off of it as such!).

Top 10 FREE #Google Chrome Extensions for #Education #edtech


Full Screen Presentation Mode in Evernote

cada vez mais fã desse aplicativo!

Inspiration for Item Transitions, #Animation, #Code, #CSS, #CSS3, #HTML, #HTML5, #Resource, #Slideshow, #Snippets, #Transition, #Web #Design, #Development


20 video project ideas to engage students

Como optimizar un video para captar clientes: 5 consejos a seguir. Aunque sigue el aumento de la popularidad del video, hay que tener muy en cuenta el hecho de producir y difundir videos que son optimizados y de calidad. Menciono “videos de calidad” respecto a nuestra marca o producto ya que nos representan. Aparte de la optimización, el lema deber ser calidad ante cantidad.


Magnum Opus, software gratuito multiplataforma para crear pasatiempos

Magnum Opus, software gratuito multiplataforma para crear pasatiempos | Pedalogica: educación y TIC


What Are the 7 Mind Frames of Learning?

'Learning thrives on error'"Among all the influences that can make a profound difference in student learning is how we think about our role! So, start with looking inward and ask about the mind frames you have as an educator. It is through these mind frames that we make decisions in the classroom and school, and it is argued that educators highly imbued with these mind frames are among the high impact educators." | Innovative Secondary Education


Top 10 Tech Tools Interactive Graphic

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners: Top 10 Tech Tools: An Interactive Graphic

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Intervention and Special Education Toolbox {RTI}

This Intervention Toolbox has everything you need to design and implement academic and behavioral interventions.