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Vector: celtic knotwork - seamless pattern

Vector: celtic knotwork - seamless pattern


Celtic Animal Zodiac- Falcon/Hawk for Kieran, Deer for Kenzie, Fox for Kolbie & Kyler, and Seahorse for myself. I had been pretty settled on wanting Native American totem animals, but Irish/Celtic makes more sense ;

✯ Stag Lord .. By Nethersphere✯

Combines my patron God & my personal power symbol. :) (Stag Lord Herne Cernunnos Celtic Spiral Print by nethersphere)

A collection of knotwork styles

Vikings Examples of almost the same motif and composition in different knotwork styles. I made one 2 years ago and I thought it was time to draw an updated version.

Huginn (Thought) & Muninn (Memory)

In Norse mythology, Huginn (Old Norse "thought") and Muninn (Old Norse "memory" or "mind") are a pair of ravens that fly all over the world (Midgard), b. The Ravens - Huginn and Muninn

Advanced Embroidery Designs - Celtic Redwork Set.

Two have become one, so intertwined they cannot tell where one ends and the other begins - Advanced Embroidery Designs - Celtic Redwork Set.

i have an idea what i want to do with one of these skulls, for a project im doing in class. - Jade

Sibling tattoo, 4 skulls because there was 4 of us.our last name in banner and bday month flowers.☆ 4 Skulls Tattoo :¦: By ☆