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I love this idea for an arch! Just use two really old doors or else just buy doors and distress them (good project for me) and then connect them with a piece of ply wood so it will stand; then cover the wood with flowers or babies breathe!

White Roses!

A gorgeous round bouquet of Sunflowers, White Hydrangeas and White Roses with a beautiful hand tied bow of white satin ribbon.

THis is what I want gw to build - only out of old barn boards from across the street - you 2 and Derek under it - perfect for pictures, etc.  with the lamp[s hanging from the trees and the covered seating - I think it will be so simple to do with not a whole lot of money spent and your colors will brighten it up

For the Arbor: Something subtle like this with fabric. The fabric should not be over powering the chandelier. country wedding alter ideas Rustic Wedding Altars NH New Hampshire sticks and wood, with curtains and flowers- arch

matches a country wedding perfectly:)

Sunflower Wedding Bouquet - Bridal Bouquets Cool ideas for decorating weddings. Learn how to make bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and more. Buy bulk discount flowers and professional florist supplies

She had the heart of a hippie, the spirit of fairy, and the soul of gypsy. She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes.

Country Wedding Ideas

Sunflowers And Rustic Style For A Charming English Country Garden Inspired Wedding. I like the colors. The hunter green, sunflower yellow, burlap, and toss some grey in there I think