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Greca Embossed Metallic watch

Check out new Versace glamorous line of Women's fashion Watches. Enjoy your time with a luxury watch, available on the Versace US Online Store.

Versace Watch

Can you predict the future? The time is right to look forward to a divine destiny with the rich treasure of the Versace Destiny Spirit watch.

bebe Rhinestone & Lace Watch

Shop bebe for: Jewelry - Rhinestone & Lace Watch - Complete your new-season look with this bebe watch, featuring a rhinestone-encircled dial and a sexy lace band.


A strong handshake speaks volumes; and while gold may not be the strongest metal, it does make the strongest impression—as seen in this bold mix of gold Tiffany ring

Tambour Blush, 34 mm via Louis Vuitton

Tambour Blush, 34 mm via Louis Vuitton