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Apollo-with-Bow-Shield-Statue What is Cold Cast Bronze? The technique used for making items in cold cast bronze, involves blending bronze powder with designer resin to produce a material which is applied to the interior of a silicone mold. The mold is then filled with a blend of resin and bronze metal powder which are then left to set. Cold Cast Bronze has become a very popular choice recently for use in the Manufacturing of Sculptures and Figurines.

Apollo Greek God of Music and Archery Statue Bronze Finish-The Greek god Apollo is one of the leading gods from the ancient Greek mythology pantheon. His talents at music, healing, prophesy and archery were frequently told about in ancient Greek stor

Demeter, Greek Goddess of Harvest Statue Sculpture available at AllSculptures.com

Demeter, Greek Goddess of Harvest Statue, Greek-Roman-Sculptures-Statues,

Greek & Roman- Apollo. Apollo is a many-talented Greek god of prophecy, music, intellectual pursuits, healing, plague. As a Roman god, the sun.

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Apollo (Kouros). 1st century BC or AD; bronze, copper, bone, dark stone, glass; cm 128 x 33 x 38. Pompei, Soprintendenza Speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Pompei, Ercolano e Stabia, inv. 22924 (in the Palazzo Strozzi exhibiton; image courtesy of them)

A first century statue of Apollo, made of bronze, copper, bone, dark stone and glass. Discovered in Pompeii in 1977 in the house of Julius Polybius.

Take the kids to Borghese Gallery  where they will see Daphne and Apollo

Daphne and Apollo

One of the marble sculptures we saw in Rome, Italy was breathe taking. Its the Apollo and Daphne sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini located at the Borghese Gallery. I had no idea a sculpture cou…

Apollon de Véies (site étrusque près de Rome), vers -510 -490 avant J.C. Musée de la Villa Giulia, Rome, Italie

Apollo statue from Etruscan culture, known as "Apollo Veii" - found the Temple at Veii, Italy