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This is Ecobed 2 growing light feeders this year. Its just turned winter and its cool outside. I've just cleared the mulch off this patch of soil and I'm planting leeks. Its another feature of Ecobed design, that you can use the tops of the bed wall to run temporary guide lines just using small nails and a piece of string. I like to transplant my leeks early while they are quite small (these are 200mm) and plant them into holes 100mm deep made by my makeshift dibber.

The garden you never knew you had! [Permaculture gardeners welcome useful wild plants growing alongside cultivated ones!] This is a link to a page that talks about nine (so far) very common "weeds" that are also very edible and good for you! [

CROP ROTATION..... In my 4 year crop rotation, four different family groups of vegetables are grown separately in four garden Ecobeds. In autumn each family group is moved to the next bed in the rotation, and continues to be moved every year. In a given bed, solanaceae are followed by light feeders, then by legumes, next by heavy feeders and finally solanaceae return to the bed (and so on).