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Bassin avec cascade planté : iris d eau, hostas, érable Japonais....pour un jardin ombragé et humide.

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Water Garden Makeover

Enjoy Ambiance Water cascading off the surface of a rock or over a small waterfall creates the babble of trickling water. The Treadaways discovered that letting the water fall over different surfaces and at varying heights created subtle differences in sound.

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Guide to Landscape Water Features

water features lend themselves to virtually any kind and style of container, including oversized galvanized tubs

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How to Keep a Goldfish Pond from Turning Green

Watching colorful goldfish swim languidly around a backyard pond is one of life's little delights. Whether you have a large natural pond, a small 40-gallon plastic pond or anything in between, you have to be vigilant so you can continue to enjoy your fish. Crystal-clear water not only improves your view, but helps keep your fish healthy. You have several weapons in the battle against algae that can take over your pond and turn it an ugly, murky green.

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Photo: DIY - Goldfish View Tower - The instructions said, "use a large glass jar and a type of stand place the jar in the water on it's side, let it fill with water (completely submerged) then tip it up slowly bottom up, and place the jar mouth into the stand, making sure to keep the mouth under water. The fish can swim up into the jar as they wish. Source - Do It Yourself - DIY

Beautiful, healthy, and blue water can be achieved with Organic Pond dyes and products!