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tree branch with birds vinyl wall art This is so amazing, it's better than wallpaper for me and cheaper!

I think I just love "distressed" furniture because I am a realist - it will eventually look "distressed" so why not speed up the process? Not to mention that I am poor, and will only be able to afford stuff from yardsales, thriftstores, and the side of the road for the next 10-15 years. Of course by then, the concept of "distressed" really will mean that I am poor...

Graffiti artist and keen ornithologist, Matt Sewell combines his love of birds and art to illustrate bestselling books and design wallpapers, clothing and fabrics. Now his simple, unique and striking imagery is featured on our new range of blank cards.

Blue Wren. Bird photos like this in calendar form at http://www.wildlife-calendars.com/bird-calendars.htm Exotic Birds, Songbirds, Wild birds and more.

maybe above the tiled section we can wallpaper the top third of the bathroom? Would add a bit of cosiness and interest.

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