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One time I was in a store and I saw the person in front of me put their change away sO SMOOTHLY and I was like ??? HoW?!?

Other people feel this way too? I usually just cram into my purse and fix it later because I am an awkward human being. < same I just stuff it in the first pocket/bag I see the wonder why I find random bills and coins everywhere.

How to say it politely...

How to say it politely…

Funny pictures about How to say it politely. Oh, and cool pics about How to say it politely. Also, How to say it politely.

We All Have Our Priorities...<<< those would be my priorities

We All Have Our Priorities

Save the computer. And the charger. << funny how fire exposes our priorities.


Funny pictures about This Child Wins In Life. Oh, and cool pics about This Child Wins In Life. Also, This Child Wins In Life photos.

IFunny :)

NO. "Das ist mir Wurst" means "this is my sausage." And "I don't care" in German is "Das lasst mich kalt." or "Es ist mir egal." Only a German would get this and laugh at it

That awesome moment when the perfect Aladdin reference is made. Aladdin understands us.

Lol so true>>>isn't the last post lyrics from Aladdin? Or am I the only crazed disney fan lolz!


I'd bang my celebrity crush harder than a screen door in a hurricane.

Depressingly accurate...been in all three spots.

Don't make friends.<<<< Glad we sorted that out. Now I have an excuse when I sit alone!

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tis I, the frenchiest fry (btw je suis un pomme means I am an apple in French)

Happened the other day, actually.

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Funny story: I was actually outside one time cleaning our pool and i heard a bang. To sum it up, i freaked out and never learned if it was a gunshot or a firecracker. but being in the south i have to see that it was probably a gunshot in a small city .


The worst betrayal // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Oh yes

I think we should all volunteer!<<<<<<<<<<<< I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!////// I'd do it for free too. I think the look on his face would be payment enough!