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Une vision d'artiste des trois nouveaux dinosaures australiens. De bas en haut : Diamantinasaurus (Matilda, plutôt costaude), Wintonotitan (Clancy, plutôt gracile) et Australovenator (Banjo, rude prédateur). Les deux premiers annoncent les titanosaures (dont l'argentinosaure, avec ses 40 mètres de longueur) et le troisième les grands théropodes, comme T. rex. © T. Tischler, Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History

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Dinosaur Tuff Spot

Dinosaur Tuff Spot and small world using autumn leaves Adventures of Adam Dinosaur Tuff Spot

Reception aged children (age 4-5) get involved with dinosaur activities in their classroom.

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Dinosaurs Return

Dinosaur pictures and other shape creations from Rachel (",)

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Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Make Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils with your kids - so easy to do and really works well.

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Dinosaur Painting Tuff Spot

Dinosaur Painting Tuff Spot Adventures of Adam Tuff Spot Challenge

A dinosaur, rocky dry river bed at Sharna's Family Day Care (",)

The A-Z of dinosaurs. BECAUSE YAY. (via

The A-Z of dinosaurs. BECAUSE YAY. (via