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Daring Do - No Turning Back by Stalcry.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Daring Do - No Turning Back by =Stalcry on deviantART


Princess Applejack, the Keeper of Honesty and protector of all who are hardworking. MLP: (C) Hasbro Art: (C) spock-sickle Princess Applejack

Expression Practice Fluttershy by HowXu

Expression Practice Fluttershy by HowXu on deviantART - "Fierce" does not even come close

Put that blankie over the artifact or everyone will-" "Wait a second, that's not the real artifact of-" "Who cares? This Blankie is SO SOFT!

Your head just exploded from cuteness.

yaaaaaaay finished pinkie pie and applejack to complete the ~*~**GRAND GALLOPING GIJINKA**~*~ drawings. Art made by me (*ponymonster) My Little Pony and characters belong to and copyright of H.

Fishing for a Wonderbolt by ~SweetAngelDelight on deviantART

I had the urge to draw these two lately, so I needed to.kind of a bizarre idea but I went with it. xD I overdid the clouds though (if they even resemb. Fishing for a Wonderbolt