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My rat sometimes do the same thing. I just love this "Face Palm" way of sleep :D

Definitely going to have a pet rat. This pic reminds me of my brother's pet rat Flash.

Horrors...#lol #funny #cats

and she wouldn't refill the food bowl until all of yesterday's dried up food was eaten! cats telling scary stories around the campfire.

photo tigerandth_npv4nrh8.gif

Tiger in water with Lady gif just click see motion

THE HAUNTING …The next few weeks will chronicle an all-too-familiar story regarding pet store rabbits. (To buy, or not to buy … that is the question).  This is PET STORE POLITICS or WASH, RINSE, REPEAT.

Giant Rabbits Are a Versatile Resource Three young Flemish giant rabbits just hanging out. Keeping giant rabbits, chickens and other livestock for most who


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