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Joma Sipe Iluminadas l Illuminated

Although support is necessary, it is our own energy field that draws towards it the elements around our intentions and turns them into manifestations. Your intention and thoughts and beliefs are the ones that attract the material that creates your life.

as above so below - orion's belt, giza, pyramids, alignment, astronomy, ancient egypt

The main issue with the supposed connection between the Egyptian pyramids and the three "stars" in Orion's belt is that the pyramids actually do NOT line up with the stars

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pink quartz, rose coloured quartz that displays pointed crystals is pink quartz (even if mostly identified as rose quartz)

Historia con mi Llama Gemela

ALL of us are on different journeys, yet at the end of this dimensional life path, we will see the same brilliant light.♥ so how can you judge someone who is on a different path.

"Ascension is not just a personal experience. It is also a human consciousness experience and a planetary experience. The triad of self, human consciousness, and the planet creates a triangle. Triangles are geometric patterns that create stargates when activated." | RiseEarth ..*

We are immortal Souls. Our current evolutionary goal is to become Soul aware in our brain consciousness.