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Opinionally---that's the prime problem frogman--you never admit to being WRONG. Try again to justify your weird, peculiar introverted nature in contrast to the normal populus. I can be introverted too---but at least I can admit to being wrong if I find out I'm wrong.

Grandmas Did It First

Yes! Believe it or not...these two previously homeless outcasts went from absolutely broken, busted and poor, to... Now Earning Over Six Figures A Month Online Using 3 "Weird" Tricks That Will Get Anyone To Fall In Love With Buying Stuff From You

Two Moods

Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all those Moms today. It is a hard job to be sure. Here is my portrait with my mother in

Awkward Building Sign

Size does matter :) And in case you're wondering.. The message above refers to the house in question.. So stop thinking dirty :) sheeesh!