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Persistent vs. Consistent

Inspirational And Motivational Quotes : QUOTATION - Image : Quotes Of the day - Description persistency + consistency Sharing is Caring - Don't forget to s

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Effective Parenting 101 ~ Focus more on who your child is than on what your child does. Remember, you are growing a person, not fixing a problem.

Don’t judge me until you know me. Don’t underestimate me until you challenge me. And don’t talk about me until you talk to me! Gøød Mørning Friends!

~Don’t judge me until you know me. Don’t underestimate me And don’t talk about me until you talk To me!

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I like the person im becoming.. The things I went through last year honestly made me a better person this year.

this tottaly explains me because last year i had a hard time with friends and it has made me a better person going through that experiance. things arent so bad as they seem

we are like that

people who are well liked: 1 Ask for Nothing 2 Laugh at themselves 3 Listen with Interest 4 Rarely Complain 5 Inspire Others 6 Teach 7 Give

I believe this, though mental illness makes it harder for some

You are responsible for your life you can't keep blaming others for your dysfunction life is really about moving on Oprah Winfrey