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ALPHA TV "Greek TV channel ALPHA approached NOMINT and Tony Zagoraios to redesign and refresh its broadcast identity for the new season. A true whizz of motion-design, Tony Zagoraios, worked closely with designer and long-time collaborator Stavros Kypraios and lead a great team that brought a splash of colour and finesse to Greek TV." NOMINT represents Tony Zagoraios in the UK and US. Client: ALPHA TV Production: NOMINT Executive Producer: Aristotelis ... (N)

We were really happy when we got a brief from Flip Flop Interactive in school. They wanted us to animate a short logo animation which in an easy way gave a hint on what they do. Guillaume and I teamed up and came up with a great concept with some fast transitions. We also recorded own sounds which turned out to be really fun! Make sure to also check out Guillaume's awesome work here: Check out Flip Flop here:

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The smallest IKEA store in the World

배너에서 이미지 확인, 클릭에 불편함은 조금 있지만 이런 아이디어라니! 늘 대동소이한 배너 아이디어만 생각하던 내게는 놀라울 따름!! : The smallest IKEA store in the World by IKEA. With city populations on the rise, living spaces have become increasingly limited.

Core Values by Greg Gunn. Inspired by Zappos, Blind lives by 10 Core Values that embody the culture and spirit of their company. They are more than just mottos, or rules, or bullet points – they’re beliefs. If you’ve ever walked through their front door then you’ll know what I mean.

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Cinematics - An Illustrated Collection of Classic Films and Characters

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I created this little animation because I wanted to try some things in the field of animated typography. For some more detail you can view the @2x. I really hope you guys like it. Have a nice day....