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An innovative design that has proven fish catching characteristics, this lightly scented lure can be more effective than traditional shapes. The extended curly tail of the Swimerz 75mm Vibro Tails creates an increased level of cavitation in the water and an action that is similar to that of an escaping and injured bait fish prompting the target species into a reaction.

Swimerz 100mm Vibro Tail Soft Plastic lures. Made from quality materials, these lures have an aggressive cavitation effect in the water unlike standard paddle tails or curly tails, enticing even the most bored fish into action. Particularly suited to Aus fishing conditions, the colours we have adopted are tried and proven over many years, and suit most of our medium to large fish varieties - Barramundi, Mulloway, Queenies and GT's, and everyone's favourite bucket mouth, Flathead.

Swimerz Long Shank, Straight Jig Hooks are another option when soft plastics fishing, but of course, can also be used in bait fishing applications. A great all round hook, black nickel coated to reduce reflection in the water and as an aid in corrosion resistance, that utilises the proven O'Shaunessy pattern for extra hooking capability.

Our wide gape Worm Hooks are black nickel coated for added corrosion protection and are less reflective when in the water than silver coloured hooks. They particularly suit being used for soft plastic fishing in Weedless Rigs.

Offset Jig Hooks can be used 'as is' for soft plastics fishing or as the base hook if you like making your own lead head jigs for weighted fishing applications. Utilises the proven O'Shaunessy pattern for extra hooking capability.

Swimerz Rolling Swivels are a heavy duty, low visibility, product intended for salt water applications. Coated in black nickel for improved corrosion resistance.

Snap swivels make changing lures so much easier, particularly when fishing from kayaks and other small boats, or simply when a fast changeover is desirable. Swimerz use an Interlock Snap for strength, avoiding the problems associated with some other snap types opening when least needed. Black nickel coated for reduced visibility in the water and corrosion resistance.

Swimerz Soft Plastic Lumo Beads in Flouro Orange and Flouro Green. Great for Snapper, Whiting and many other species.

Swimerz 75mm Vibro Tail can be rigged on standard and weedless jig heads, as weedless rigs using worm sinkers, or on dropper rigs, for example. Their design includes a shallow split belly to enable better hook placement in the lure and an enlarged curly tail.