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Welcome to Texas. Which is how I feel on hot days in England haha

Disney pirates

Disney pirates

I don't think Disney understands pirates very well…probably should brush up on their pirate history

Epic Tumblr post done to the tune of a Katy Perry song.

OMG this is awesome. Btw for those who don't know, the song they're making a parody of is E.T by Katy Perry<< that last one, I haven't hit Pin It so fast in my life

Cooking With Your Kids Mischa Style. The Supernatural cast sure knows how to pick 'em!!!

Cooking With Your Kids

Funny Signs From Around The World

Funny Signs From Around The World

Funny Signs From Around The World the 1897 one is literally the most uneventful day of human history and thus is famous, not well known but the magnitude of boring was legendary

Autocorrect Fails

Autocorrect Fails

Funniest Auto-Corrects Of literally am crying these are so funny. I am SO glad I don't have many of these autocorrect EPIC FAILS.

Apple bottom jeans Boots with the fur (With the fur) The whole ball was looking at her She hit the floor Next thing you know Cindy got low low low low low low low low

Notes and signs: funniest teachers out there!

there is nothing i love more than a teacher with an awesome sense of humor.*i wish my teachers were like this in high school.