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It's true. This is a sport and we mean business. Don't judge us okay! I don't judge soccer or basketball. You bruise your knee. We break our arms. So love us or back off! Okay? Good

50 Weight Watchers Recipes to Help You with Your Weight Loss

I've been saying this since last year but 2015 will be my year and I will fucking make sure of it

Arm Workout For Women: 13 Exercises to Get Rid of Flabby Arms

Arm workouts for women. Here are 13 exercises to get rid of flabby arms. The workouts can be done with or without weights or a kettlebell. Challenge yourself and tone your arms. It’s about time to look sexy with sleeveless tops for the summer

Erica Lugo (EricaFitLove)'s Story & Guide Of How She Lost Over 150lbs

Erica Lugo, perhaps better known as EricaFitLove on Instagram and her social media, lost over an incredible 150lbs in 15 months, through hard work and dedication. Her amazing weight loss story has helped inspire thousands of other people to start getting healthy and lose weight themselves. After her weight loss success, Erica started an …

The more glorious the TRIUMPH.

It’s easy to look at someone and want to be like them or even be jealous; but are you willing to put in the work that they did? Everyone wants to be on top of the mountain; but not everyone is willing to climb. -Eddie Harris Jr

EricaFitLove's (Erico Lugo) Weight Loss Diet, Meals & Training For Losing 68KG

EricaFitLove’s (Erico Lugo) Weight Loss Diet, Meals & Training For Losing 68KG!

The 9 Foods I Removed From My Diet to Lose 115 Pounds

This post is by OYS writer Alexis from Trading Cardio for Cosmos. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram sharing her awesome weight loss tips and motivation!! She’s lost over 100lbs so she has lots to share! Losing weight is hard. You have to work off more than you take in, and sometimes burning 3500 calories over your …