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Macbeth - Activities & Assignments that Make it Real

MACBETH LESSONS: Use an inquiry approach to show students how Macbeth is relevant to their own lives.

Stuart Little Vocabulary Lesson Plan with words from the book! View the full teacher guide here:

In this activity, students will identify the similarities and differences between their own experiences with books while living in the United States, with those of children from other countries around the world. Find more about this My librarian is a Camel teacher guide here:

Check out this lesson plan for Spanish Family Vocabulary, using Storyboard That and Photos for Class! View the full teacher guide here:

Students will use a Traditional storyboard to outline and define how the United States acquired various parts of Florida from the Spanish. View the full teacher guide here:

A great lesson plan, after reading the story, is for students to complete a scavenger hunt using the storyboard creator. Give them a list of common archetypes in detective fiction and have them create a storyboard that depicts and explains the use of each literary element in the story! View the full teacher guide here:

Macbeth horoscopes - Write horoscopes that hint at what fate has in store for Shakespeare’s characters

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