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wanting to hear Nialls laugh in person<3

Just girly things especially nialls laugh 😍😍😘😂😂

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lol i always have gum but i say. randome kid: can i have a piece of gum?

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I have like this whole conversation planned out between me and Niall. Lets just say he finally finds his princess either that or I pass out and wake up in their tour bus with them all looking at me.

just girly things.... OMG this is what I love! Every softball player needs a baseball player boyfriend or just an extremely good friend!

just girly things. Every Softball Player Needs A Baseball Player Boyfriend. I Just Love How We Bond Over It♥♥♥♥♥

YES! I mean looks are temporary. They can come and go and for me looks can only go so far. If you are attractive that's great, but if you are a jerk then I won't take a second look. I hate it when people have bad personalities. These boys are pure, genuine and their personalities are real. They look great but their personalities are what really makes me love them and feel so dedicated to them.

i think that they are a group of fantastic people with amazing personalities that also happen to be blessed with amazing voices and gorgeous faces. their personalities got me first. they make my heart happy