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Good morning my Beautiful Angel, I love you so much! So much I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you...I miss you like crazy...actually more than crazy...I just dont know what's words describe that. Your smile and laugh ...and you in general make everything better for me...I love you for that...I appreciate you for that...I will devote my life to showing you how thankful I am to you for that...I love you my Beautiful Angel...I promise Your "My Love"

This is what i want you to understand baby. I will love you forever till the end

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12 Unusual Romantic Gestures That Say “I Love You” Better Than Words Ever Will

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Wanting to say have a good day and I hope your morning has been as beautiful as you are inside and out to my heart and soul :))) I am privileged and I am an extremely lucky man to have you in my life and I thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thinking of you every second of every day, I really do my mind has never stopped, and hoping you leave at 5 today mister.... You work too much!!!!

Whenever you need a pick-me-up or a moment of peace. pick your place of paradise and go their in your mind. Embody the feelings and energy of the place. Take those feelings and energy back into the activities of your day.

A book ill never write

Its not about being cold hearted its about knowing your value. Always know that forcing a situation to go your way will backfire. Love the moments, and embrace the struggles.

Acknowledge your mistakes and allow that knowledge to make you a stronger and better person in the future. Then you can make peace with you past and move forward

Self forgiveness is the greatest act of self-love. You must forgive yourself so you can heal and be whole and move forward into the life you were meant to live.

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