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Neuroscientist Prof Gina Rippon, of Aston University, Birmingham, says gender differences emerge only through environmental factors and are not innate.

Prof Gina Rippon claims that any differences in brain circuitry only come about through the ‘drip, drip, drip’ of gender stereotyping

From Eve's Alexandria: "The Myth of Mars and Venus is an entirely necessary book, and has the added benefit of being scholarly, well-written and entertaining to read. It clearly seperates myth and assumption about gender difference from fact and real-life experience, and demonstrates that sex stereotypes do nobody any good. They serve neither men (who come out looking like emotionally stunted brutes) or women (who emerge under the burden of their feminine inadequacies)."

"Who Sounds Gay?" (via NY Times) (9 October 2015) "What does it mean to “sound gay”? Why do some men sound this way, whether they are gay or not? Where do vocal differences come from? David Thorpe explores these thoughts in his film “Who Sounds Gay?” and in the process raises fascinating questions about gender stereotypes and stereotyping in general."

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