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An exploration in unexplored/controversial themes; to confront, to expound, to proffer and to create a renewed understanding of faith

Forest Spirit I by Tuomas Korpi

"The land beyond the eastern mountain range is almost completely unexplored and devoid of civilization, but of course devoid of civilization only means civilization different from our own" Catlin

Gallery walls: The taste of Petrol and Porcelain | Interior design, Vintage Sets and Unique Pieces ROOMS WITH GREAT ART

Magazine - New Watercolors by Agnes Cecile

New Watercolors by Agnes Cecile: silvia pelissero aka agnes cecile 9[5].jpg The Universe so far as we can observe it is a wonderful and immense engine; its extent its order its beauty its cruelty makes it alike impressive (George Santayana The Life of Reason 1916) What to do when youre ill? Of course to PAINT!) My first try of #gouache _______________ #искусство #рисунок #гуашь #art #instaart #myart #artwork #artist_sharing #art_public #artist_features #arts_help #art_worldly #artistic_share #quote #quoteoftheday #saturday…

How historical figures would have looked today

How historical figures would have looked today - King Henry VIII Known to flaunt his wealth, Henry is now out of his voluminous puffed sleeve velvet gown and in a tailored designer black suit, wearing a sparkling diamond ring and designer watch. Instead of the cotton shirt fastened up to the chin he now sports an unbuttoned shirt Simon Cowell style and is very much the modern day lady killer. An avid sportsman and known for being conceited he has been slimmed down.

Anime Girl in Japanese Kimono #art #anime #Japanese

This is one of my all time favorites, and one of the first pictures I ever made... I drew all of the color, and combined it with a picture of a tattoo of the Virgin Mary. This is really the first picture I made that got me hooked on making collage art. It just seemed like an unexplored median to me that had so much potential.

Without light there's no images I think that light painting is a field that's still vast and plenty of areas of it are left unexplored. I'm all for photographers trying to go a step further in this direction. I particularely enjoy the mix between the sunset colors and the foreground that Federico Beccari pulled off. Photo by @beccariphotography This is an Unsplash IG Weekend Takeover by Samuel Zeller @zellersamuel My collection of cool/interesting/inspirational…

Magazine - Jung-Yeon Min's Investigations of Time