Geometry Smartboard Game - This FREEBIE covers a wide range of geometric skills. (Common Core Aligned: 4.G.2.) Skills include: * Characteristics of Polygons * Regular and Irregular Polygons * Characteristics of 2-dimensional shapes * Line segments, lines, and rays * Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Free Multiple Intelligence test for kids - includes directions and a short video that explains how to administer it to your students.

Check out this Geometry: Interactive Notebook Pages product! It is jam packed with everything from 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes, attributes, names, comparing and contrasting shapes, riddle review assessment, real-world 3-D shape sort, and so much more!

Have your students cut these out and stick down only one face of each shape into their notebooks so that they can fold and unfold them for easy reference. $ More activities are included in the set. #math

These picture cards show a clear representation of each solid shape using real-world objects. Includes pictures for: sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, ...

This FREE Geometry Scavenger Hunt focuses on 3D and 2D shapes. I created this to use with my second graders as a review. If used with the included recording sheet, it requires them to name each shape, and identify faces, edges, vertices, angles and sides as is relevant to the shape.

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