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Explore Albert Colorado, Mt Albert and more!

Love Mt Albert Colorado Colorado 14er

I would love to type out letters on this beauty. OLIVETTI LETTERA 35 Colorado Yellow Typewriter

Black-billed Magpie (Pica hudsonia) is a bird in the crow family that inhabits the western half of North America. It is notable for its domed nests, and for being one of only four North American songbirds whose tail makes up half or more of the total body length (the others being the Yellow-billed Magpie, the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, and the Fork-tailed Flycatcher).

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1962: a year packed with drama – in pictures

Steptoe and Son. I used to call my sister old man Steptoe! Lol

Don't Miss this singles vacation that takes us to the wonders of the Southwest! Meet new friends and make memories as we travel the paths of the Navajo Nation. Feel the joy and excitement of the world famous Albuquerque Balloon Festival, view the ever changing landscape of the Grand Canyon, and ride through Canyon de Chelly and Monument Valley.

This is the afternoon high tea that we have arranged for Rose's birthday. We hope to make this a celebration that Rose will look back on with many fond memories.

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How to Grow Jasmine

How to Grow Jasmine: 8 Steps - wikiHow


Back to the Future – 1982

Only Fools And Horses. Makes me laugh even though I've seen them before. True comedy.

Montana's dude ranches are the best in the US, apparently. What I also love is that most of them are family ranches, which adds to the sentimentality of it all.

I remember these from Kindergarten from early 80's lol!