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Gestalt-Terapia: Fundamentos Epistemológicos E Influências Filosóficas - Vol.1

Livro - Conceitos Fundamentais - Coleção Gestalt-Terapia: Fundamentos e Práticas - Vol. 2

Counselling type, theories & practices. Not all Counsellors & therapists are the same. There are several different schools of therapy. Understand the differences, & decide what the best style of therapy for your personality.

The Larger Psyche Gestalt. Depth psychology distinguishes between the conscious mind or Ego, and the Unconscious (in Jungian psychology this latter is further divided into individual and collective). In Sri Aurobindo's psychology, these are the surface consciousness or "Outer Being", and the Subliminal or Inner Being (in a sense "higher") and Subconscient ("lower", equivalent to the Freudian Unconscious),

Knowledge does not enrich us; it removes us more and more from the mythic world in which we were once at home by right of birth. ~Carl Jung;...

You begin to have a presentiment of the whole when you embrace your opposite principle, since the whole belongs to both principles, which grow from one root. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, LN 248