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Crystallized Mantra [ raw clear quartz point & charm ] Necklace Wildcraft Jewels hippie boho festival necklace

Crystallized Mantra Necklace by WildcraftJewels on Etsy, $16.00

Real Honey Bee pendant Real bee necklace bee taxidermy real bug real insect jewelry real bee in resin custom made to order silver brass

Driftwood Necklace *long beach story* - Loom woven Tapestry Miniature with Linen, Driftwood and Beach Finds - fiber art jewelry

Long Beach Story - Hand woven mini tapestry necklace with Linen, Driftwood and Beach Finds - loom woven fiber necklace - textile jewelry

Mushroom Picking - donal skehan "After a couple of hours spent gazing at the forest floor, and some careful identification, we had a basket filled to the brim with golden trumpet shaped chanterelles and giant ceps."

Inuit walrus ivory and bone dagger / knife effigy fetish necklace, strung on seal skin. Mid to late 1800s. Formerly in the collection of Stephen Parfitt, Springfield, Illinois.

You can carve avocado pits to make pendants (how clever!). If you inlay additional jewelry components, the avocado will shrink around them and hold them in place when it dries out. When your creation has had enough time to completely dry, finish with wax, varnish, or leave natural. Your skin oils will eventually create a lustrous finish on their own.

Mink Jaw Bone Necklace Bone Bones Gothic Bone Jewelry Animal Bones Taxidermy Jewelry Real Bone Jewelry Bone Jewelry Gothic