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For those in law enforcement and military

So true. I'm not an officer yet but very soon I will be and I already see this while doing my ride-alongs. People really don't know what police officers go through

My favourite toast

My favourite toast

Funny pictures about Favorite Toasts. Oh, and cool pics about Favorite Toasts. Also, Favorite Toasts photos.

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Llega Manteresting, el Pinterest para hombres | TICbeat

The Bro Code. If a woman can be considered a bro, must she too live by the bro code or does the fact that she is, in fact, a woman make her an exception to the bro code's rules? not all rules apply to all the guys in the world.

This little boy knew who to go for safety.  #BLESSOURBLUE (@kurtwvs) | Twitter

During a training this sweet boy saw the officers and just wanted to be able to hug a real live hero. Cops are not All racists!

5 Verses For When You Have Been Hurt By Others

5 Verses For When You Have Been Hurt By Others

Have you felt hurt by others? The pain cuts deep. Yet, God's Word is full of comfort and these 5 verses will help when others hurt you.