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It’s easier than pie, and just as delicious. Check out all our recipes for amazing apple cobbler.

Apple-Charlotte-With-Vanilla-Creme-Anglaise, like they have on downton abbey!

Apple Charlotte with Vanilla Crème Anglaise

Apple Honey Bundt Cake Recipe on Yummly. @yummly #recipe

Apple Honey Bundt Cake (can substitute of unsweetened applesauce for half of the oil. Maybe add tsp cloves. Can reduce honey to if less honey taste is desired)

Mountain Apple Cobbler

Mountain Apple Cobbler Recipe and Video - Refrigerated crescent roll dough is rolled around apple slices, drizzled with butter and sugar, then given the secret ingredient -- a can of citrus-flavored soda.

Praline Topping - Allrecipes.com

A simple crumb topping or streusel that can be used on top of pies, muffins, and coffee cakes.

Pumpkin Apple Cobbler - Allrecipes.com

Pumpkin Apple Cobbler - Allrecipes.com

Another recipe for snow ice cream. . .but this one has raw eggs, so is definitely not for everyone!

Snow Ice Cream: Mix eggs and sugar, warm milk and temper into egg mixture, return to pan and heat to 170 degrees, strain and chill.

Graham Cracker Crunch Topping - Allrecipes.com

Graham Cracker Crunch Topping - I used to babysit for a guy that always made this. Hoping it tastes just like his, because he wouldn't share the recipe!

Healthy Breakfast Zucchini Bake Made this and it was delicious!  Moist, tender, full of veggies.  Somewhere between the texture of a biscuit and a souffle with a whole lot more flavor.  I thinly sliced 1.5 zucchinis and grated the rest and replaced the herbs with fresh basil.  Nom!

A little like a quiche, a little like a pie--and the best of both. This easy crustless quiche is made with zucchini, baking mix, and Parmesan cheese.