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"Took a few on Monday when I was up there with my parents who were visiting from MI." Photo by: Bryan Boardwell

Photo by: Andy Garza "I've been shooting Bridalveil lately as the wind has shown her deep deep beauty. She showed me this yesterday. #Bridalveil is my favorite falls ever."

"I just returned from a few days at Upper Pines Camp. Spent the New Years there. Had a great time. This photo was captured on the last day of the year. Enjoy!" Photo by: Chris Ryan Photography

" To me early May is the best time. The falls are full and powerful from the snow melt. The weather is mild, warm and sunny. Comfortable all around." Photo by: Patricia Erdely

Photo by: Frank Mathes III‎ "I will be celebrating my 60th trip around the Sun in May this year. As part of my celebration my long time friend and backpacking partner Steven are planning our second trip to Peeler Lake this summer..."