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PPQ for Topshop dress. V cuuuuute. Pic by me.

Fr. 93c - 1862 $10 Legal Tender This is actually the scarcer 93c, not a 93 as listed on the third party holder. We owe the survival of this peach to a small run of XF to UNC notes that got tucked away, but have long since been dispersed to collectors. It really only has one fold, which is a vertical on the far right quarter. Everything else is just bends and handling. I can't imagine finding a nicer 45 PPQ note from this time period.

Many former Union generals were rewarded with portraits on US currency. This McPherson note has everything you want in a fine.

The bottom front margin is a little tight. Everything else about this note would fit into the gem category.

Fr. 227 1899 $1 Silver Certificate This is the last of six consecutive black eagles. This group was responsibly cared for for decades. None of the notes picked up the typical storage folds or toning that often comes with little runs like this.

Fr. 271 - 1899 $5 Silver Certificate This note is difficult to describe without using traditional superlatives. It is fair to say that even the high grade of gem 66 might be a touch conservative. Perhaps the back centering is a bit high, but everything else is above just gem quality.

This is our only 1891 $1 Martha in this auction. Everything about this note screams gem and it has been awarded accordingly.

Fr. 1215 1922 $100 Gold Certificate Don't let a small tear keep this 1922 $100 gold certificate off your target list. Everything else about the note is really choice for the grade. That includes the margins, the colors, and especially the vibrant red seal!

We handled this note before it was graded. It is an absolute stunner and very conservatively graded. What a peach!

Fr. 898b - 1914 $10 Federal Reserve Note Chicago Red Seal You hate to see something as minor as a faint ink mark put a note with this much pop into an apparent holder, but those are the standards we have established. Everything about this red seal is premium for the grade and I would expect the final price to reflect that.