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Guys, did you know yoga can prevent sports injuries? #yoga, #yogaformen, #yogabenefits

Health Benefits of Yoga for Women

Senior Yoga, Yoga for Men #yoga #yogaformen

Adding these simple yoga poses to your post-run stretching routine can help you prevent soreness and run injury-free. via @SparkPeople

Top yoga books, apps and DVDs just for men beginning yoga #yogaformen

15 Minute Workout: Get a Flat-Belly Yoga Body

10 Best Yoga Poses For Busy Women

from Washington Post

Yoga doesn’t attract many men. Experts say guys would benefit from becoming more flexible.

Why yoga is still dominated by women despite the medical benefits to both sexes? by washingtonpost: Myths — that yoga isn’t a decent workout, that it’s too touchy-feely, that it’s not made for men’s bodies — persist in keeping the practice largely the domain of women. #Yoga #Men

Infographic courtesy of Gazelle Sports -> Yoga for Runners