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from Nadine Tomlinson, Writer

9 Ways yWriter can take Your Novel-Writing to the Next Level + a Free mini Novel Planner

9 Ways yWriter can take Your Novel-Writing to the Next Level

The Drafts of a novel #writing

The Ultimate Character Questionnaire A character questionnaire can be a great way to inspire a bit (or a lot) more detail about your characters. This list has been compiled from various sources around the net and in books and also our own brains. If you see any duplicates in the list please let us know, and if you have any additional questions we haven't thought of, email us if you'd like us to add them.

A while ago, I wrote a post about strong female characters and how most writers somehow manage to mess them up. I’m pretty sure it was ...

The Hero's Journey in a Nutshell #writing #novelwriting #writers

How to plan your novel so you can write your first draft in 30 days - and have it stronger than if you'd taken a year.

Showing various ways you can track goals and habits with your bullet journal -

from Yellow Feather

Bullet Journal: Getting started

coluorful bullet Journal spread showing disney films I want to buy

When I first started using Scrivener, I was skeptical. I thought, What can this do that I can't already do in Microsoft Word? I'm a true cheap skate, and the id