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Hurley - Cuffed Track Pant Heather Sunset Glow $69.99 Shop // http://www.jeanjail.com.au/ladies/hurley-cuffed-track-pant-heather-sunset-glow.html

Hurley - Cuffed Track Pant Heather White Wash Fuchsia $69.99 Shop // http://www.jeanjail.com.au/hurley-cuffed-track-pant-heather-white-wash-fuchsia.html

Hurley - Cuffed Track Pant Black Coral Logo $69.99 Shop ll http://www.jeanjail.com.au/hurley-cuffed-track-pant-black-coral-logo.htm

Hurley - Dri-Fit Legging Pant $69.99 SHOP: http://www.jeanjail.com.au/ladies/hurley-dri-fit-legging-pant.html

Hurley - One & Only Pop Fleece Heather Lava Glow $69.99 Shop ll http://www.jeanjail.com.au/ladies/hurley-one-only-pop-fleece-heather-lava-glow.html

Hurley - One & Only Fleece Dark Heather Grey Fuchsia Glow $69.99 Shop // http://www.jeanjail.com.au/hurley-one-only-fleece-dark-heather-grey-fuchsia-glow.html

Hurley - Eclipse Fleece Dark Heather Grey $79.99 Shop // http://www.jeanjail.com.au/hurley-eclipse-fleece-dark-heather-grey.html

Hurley - Dri-Fit Sleeveless Fleece Heather Grey Hyper Orange $69.99 Shop // http://www.jeanjail.com.au/hurley-dri-fit-sleeveless-fleece-heather-grey-hyper-orange-4.html

Hurley - Original Krush Pop Fleece Dark Heather Grey $79.99 Shop // http://www.jeanjail.com.au/ladies/hurley-original-krush-pop-fleece-dark-heather-grey.html

Hurley - Dri-Fit Sleeveless Fleece Heather Aqua This product encompasses Nike Dri-Fit Technology which wicks away sweat from the body to keep you cool and comfortable. $69.99 SHOP: http://www.jeanjail.com.au/ladies/hurley-dri-fit-sleeveless-fleece-heather-aqua.html

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