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Repository # animation sa ki の crescent fighting move .

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Finally had some time to draw something new😥 Here's the effect of my today's work - Kakashi Hatake from Naruto✌ Hope you guys like it😊 Thank you for all your support!🙏 *All done in pencil - hair and shades, - outlines and dark areas)

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Lightning over cold slick skin Late night doodle. Sorry I haven't had any super great art to share with you guys, I've only really been doing quick stuff lately.I'm once more unemployed and .

Fairy Tail

Reminded me of you

Aquarius was pasted down from Lucy's mom. Possibly when Lucy was younger she would play with her moms celestial spirits.This is the saddest and sweetest, cause anyone who watched fairy tail would know how deeply Aquarius cared for Lucy

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