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Battle of Coronel, 1 November 1914. The British lost the Good Hope and the Monmouth with all hands, by Graham Coton.

Sinking of British armoured cruiser HMS Monmouth November 1914. Defeat by German forces at Battle of Coronel, Pacific Ocean, off Chile.

A Japanese and British soldier celebrate their capture of Tsing Tao, China, from German Forces, November 1914.

" Admiral Count Von Spee. Who Went Down With His Flagship, the Scharnhorst, in the Battle With the British Squadron Off the South American Coast." 1914

Siege of Tsingtao, 1914. Japanese forces have been besieging Tsingtao in China, where Germany has a naval base. The British have also sent troops to the siege but they do not seem to have been of any great help. | World War 1 Live

S.M.S. Scharnhorst by Paul Wright. A German armored cruiser, built in 1907, 11,600 tons. Scharnhorst ship was the crack gunnery ship of the German fleet before WWI and the Flagship of the German East Asia Squadron based in Tsingtao under Admiral Graf von Spee. The Squadron were ordered to return to Germany via S. America Intercepted by the British at Coronel, the squadron beat the British forces, only to be totally destroyed itself shortly after at the Battle of the Falklands.

1914: British and Japanese officers stand by a Japanese flag flying over a wrecked German gun after the siege of Tsingtao

A German postcard celebrating the Battle of Coronel, called the Battle of the Island of Santa Maria, November 1914.