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The Rescue of Nome: Balto and Friends

The Rescue of Nome, 1925: The next time I feel the need to complain about the cold weather or grouse about having to drive to the corner drugstore for some medication, I’ll think about the 1925 serum run and the rescue of Nome, which became the inspiration for Saturday's Iditarod race. It was a group effort of 20 men, 150 dogs . . . and it is one of the most gripping and heroic stories in American history. Read their story in my blog!

1903 photograph of S. Hall Young (at left) with another man looking at Yupik Eskimo skulls in western Alaska, circa 1903

Inside the life of the Inuit: Extraordinary photographs document how Alaska's Eskimos survived some of the world's coldest winters

1966 - Volunteering, nurses use a short wave radio to give meidcal advise to an Alaskan village.

Tlingit Indian shaman holding rattle and standing over kneeling man. ca. 1886. This photo appears to be posed for and taken in a studio setting. Both men have made the scene quite frightening.

By Katherine A. Dettwyler A worldwide average age of weaning? That pesky 4.2 year figure. For many years, Ruth Lawrence has claimed in her book Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession, that there is a worldwide average duration for breastfeeding. She writes: “The average ti…

inuit whalebone carving Balance allows for space under jaw and suggests volume of skull. Bowl haircut has strong graphic quality. Entire form is activated with a focused stillness of the gaze, energy forward of the figure.