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I may be taking off the training wheels, but I want to forge right ahead with the topic from the last post about using vibrators with your partner.

She hit a bump in the road so big she had to make a detour. That unexpected turn started her on her next big adventure. Now every bump in the road just makes her smile. - Queenisms™

How to be Spiritually and Financially Successful in 2016 with Marie Manuchehri Aired Sunday, 7 February 2016, 9:00 PM ET Are you a spiritually conscious person who feels that financial success is just outside your reach? Perhaps, you’ve prayed, medita...

Thinking of Getting Away?

ED is something that effects many couples, try these natural cures to improve intimacy.

Practical Observations for both Patients and Clinicians

When we find love after a "Dry Spell" we can find our way back to intimacy.

While not cheery, HPV is something you need to be aware of.