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I just love the armor with froofy dress juxtaposition. Natural leather dark silver armor by pinkabsinthe on Etsy,

golden dragon scales shoulder ampulets for Ren Fest elf costume

12 Highly Compelling Reasons Armor Needs A Fashion Comeback

armor top Steampunk fashion details: scales as an interesting idea for a bolero or shrug.

Ninja ~ out of the Age of Steam ~ Christopher Mark Perez - Photographer’s Assistant: Judith Turano - Model/Couture/MUA: Tithann Thanh

larp leather armor - vambraces, leg greaves

I would shamelessly rock these for any occasion Forsworn Leg Wraps -- tribal leather greaves skyrim elder scrolls cosplay brown fur cuffs armor barbarian larp viking


Green steampunk dress-A lovely style, high-waisted, half-corset dress that can be worn over shirt and with suspenders.

awesome foot guards for forest festivals!!! - i so want to make these

leather foot guards (interesting) To protect the soles of the feet, but allow the toes out to climb. I think if I wasn't allowed to go barefoot, I would were these all the time.