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Its not enough to merely make money it has to be maintained and grown into larger quantities. Adopt the #investor mentality and start spending money on things that bring you a return in profit over time. Most people buy things that rust rot or depreciate; New furniture latest technological gadgets fancy cars they cant afford and so-on. These are consumptions not investments. See you dollars as little seeds you plant to generate and grow a better future. Many people are frivolous in…

Believe it or not, if you plan to grow artichokes from seed this year, it’s time to get them started. They are super slow growers, and need about a 12 week head start before they make their way outside. I have always grown artichokes for the HH, because I am cool and accommodating like that, …

My buddies and I have grown carrot tops many times. Usually, it's a group project that we do in the winter time. It's easy and i...

In this video I'm showing you how I built some solar panels from start to finish I tried to make it as detailed as possible. These panels cost me very little to build and are fun projects for everyone. This is just one way of doing this there are lot's of others doing this and good videos out the

Green Thumb: Our Favorite Indoor Plants to Grow In Your Home

Green Thumb: The Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow In Your Home.❤️

Care for Your Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe plants are native to tropical regions, but even if you live in a place with cold winters you can have a beautiful, healthy aloe plant that you keep indoors. Aloe plants should be potted in a soil mix made for succulents. They like to be dry and warm, not wet and cold, so water only when the soil is mostly dried out. Healthy aloe plants produce "babies" you can break off and pot for a friend.