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Hubby's re-enlistment at Inner Harbor aboard the USS Constellation ~ who knew then he'd devote 23 years of service. So proud of him!!!

With sweeping vistas, romantic sights and abundant marine life, the beautiful -- and historic -- San Diego Bay is a natural wonder of Southern California. Locals and tourists alike will love this professionally narrated tour of its harbor aboard one of Hornblower's largest and most comfortable yachts, featuring outdoor areas as well as climate-controlled indoor seating. Sights you can expect to see include the Navy Submarine base, the spectacular Coronado Bridge, the famous Star of India,...

FREE 7-10 Bio of an African-American sailor aboard the West Virginia when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The short biography gives the important details of Dorie Miller's life as well as highlighting segregation in the US Navy and his deeds on December 7, 1941.

This is one of our favorite WWII photos. Taken in 1945, it shows thousands of troops pulling in to NY Harbor aboard the Queen Elizabeth. If this was 2016, there would be thousands of family members there waiting, but back in 1945, train travel was expensive and arrival ships (and dates) often changed. So after they got off the boat, they'd get a train ticket then go to Western Union to send a "I'm back - see you Tuesday!" telegram.

President Vacations in Maine. Under Secretary of the Navy Paul Fay, President John F. Kennedy, Patricia Kennedy aboard the US Coast Guard 08/12/1962

Calvin Leon Graham (1930–1992) was the youngest U.S. serviceman, during WW2. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, he enlisted in the Navy in May 1942, at the age of 12. He was wounded at the Battle of Guadalcanal, while serving aboard the USS South Dakota. During the battle suffered fragmentation wounds. For his actions he was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.He was eventually discovered and was given a dishonorable discharge.He spent the rest of his life fighting for…

From the First Spanish Armada to Pearl Harbor, conditions aboard the world's leading navies have improved greatly, but some facets of sea life have remained unchanged.

Doris Miller was awarded the Navy Cross and the Purple Heart for his bravery and selfless action during the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was a cook aboard the USS West Virginia, and he fired at enemy planes despite great risk to his life. He died later on in the war. This #OneBraveThing inspires me to be brave and selfless in all things. --Chelsea W.

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