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"I hate it when people judge others based off gender, sexuality, race, income, religion, social and political beliefs. I just judge people on whether or not they are an ass."

Ugh and when we talk about anything not related to politics or world issues we're called "typical teenagers" and we "don't care about anything"

"I'm not a fan of trump or his family but people should stop attacking his kids. Just read that his daughter was attacked by a man on a flight. That's just wrong, very wrong."

"Imagine if trees gave off Wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees... too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe."

as a white vegan I apologize for any of my fellow vegans that just simply don't get what we're really fighting for. speaking for myself, it's all about the fight to end exploitation of animals. They're not exploited if they're the main source of eating to a group of people who have not hurt any food chains or populations.

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