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Large pores myths busted + tested treatments

Having large pores is one problem lots of us have. And so many myths have developed around this. I'll bust them for you, and give a treatment that works!

4 Life-Changing Ways to Use Face Masks

OILY SKIN & LARGE PORES FACE MASK HOW-TO: These issues usually go hand in hand, but you can address them at the same time with this brilliant solution. Use a clay-like mask to target enlarged pores and a gentle detox mask on cheeks to remove impurities without stripping moisture. Click through for all the product information and directions.

Home Remedies for Open Pores

Prev postPage 1 of 3Next Open or large pores on the skin are a beauty concern for many and can also contribute to problems like acne and blackheads, especially for people with oily skin. Excess sebum, along with dirt and bacteria, tends to clog the pores. To make matters worse, blackheads tend to make pores

Clinique masks are formulated to solve a single skin concern. For a customized mini-spa moment, apply when and where needed—and enjoy a targeted treatment boost. Restore radiance with Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask. Purify and detox with Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask. Reveal vibrant skin with Turnaround Revitalizing Instant Facial. Give skin a moisture drink with Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. Clear blemishes with Anti-Blemish Solutions Oil-Control Cleansing Mask.

People with oily skin, their skin produces a larger amount of sebum that clog pores and skin elasticity affects and because of this pores will remain open. Treatments for open pores is very important that they be taken regularly for otherwise they will not have results.

Dead Sea Mud Mask For Face, Acne, Oily Skin & Blackheads - Best Facial Pore Minimizer, Reducer & Pores Cleanser Treatment - 100% Natural For Younger Looking Skin

4 Life-Changing Ways to Use Face Masks

2. Oily Skin + Large Pores These issues are like Thing 1 and Thing 2 for your face: always together causing trouble. Start by targeting enlarged pores (typically the nose and cheek area) with a clay mask—like a magnet, clay sucks out dirt and oil, which stretch pores then oxidize, creating the dreaded black spot. Then slather oily areas with a gentle detox mask made to remove impurities without stripping the skin's moisture barrier (lose that, and your body will just make more oil to achieve…