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Ready Brek Advert from the 70s. Central heating for kids haha. Love Chocolate Ready Brek!

I love making pin cushions...this one is really cute..definitely on my "to do" list!

It's Tuesday friggin morning, Satan!<<< tuesdays are the source of all evil. And heat of the moment.

Remember my mum using these on dinner party nights!! She used them on me once or twice and they really hurt!!

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Rape~ Rape is a topic that gets me really heated. I don't get why people blame the victim for being raped. A person should have their own self control to stop from raping someone once that person says no. In no way is it the victim's fault for this horrendous act. No means no.

Can't put lavender in this because Alisha is allergic, but this is cute and we could out some other scent inside them :)

Vauxhall VIVA - Our first brand new car - in this actual colour! Bought in 1970 before we went to live in Germany. six of us travelled in it. Later exchanged for a Peugeot 404 Estate.

A plant based diet is so incredibly healthier and natural for humans. It's what we were designed to eat.

That and THAT SCENE in the Death Cure (you know the one.)