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Great, Now The Other Hurricanes Are Going To Take That As A Challenge

“ There’s no reason to ever forget the tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina. But, as we’re in the midst of the 9 year anniversary weekend, here’s a subtle reminder from outside a Starbucks in...

"When I found out my girlfriend had 5000 bees. I just knew she was a keeper "

I knew I loved my husband after 2 weeks. DILEMMA: Telling him goes against every dating rule I ever set for myself... And what if he freaks out and runs? SOLUTION: PRAY: GOD'S ANSWER to me: "I AM LOVE... IF YOU ARE CHOKING ON TELLING HIM YOU LOVE HIM, AREN'T YOU CHOKING ON ME?" Having a strong faith, I told him that night and we just celebrated our 10th Anniversary the other day :)!

Happy Mothers Day 2016 Quotes Images: Check Out Best Mom Quotes Images from Daughter to MOM on Mothers Day 2016...