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Crosman's MAR177 was a real breakthrough when it was introduced in 2012. Read about it in this new online article, which was originally printed in "Shotgun News" in 2012:

I've uploaded another old "Shotgun News" article. This was originally published in 2013. First class on a budget: Airguns let you shoot the very best and still save money. Airgun ammo is so much cheaper than firearm ammo. If the price of centerfire or rimfire ammo is keeping you away from the range, get an airgun to start shooting and saving bucks at the same time:

Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

Hidden Gun Storage Ideas - Keep yourself protected and your firearms inconspicuous with these ideas.

Historical Trade Tokens Trade tokens have a long and interesting history. They were used during the fur trade in exchange for pelts, and factory and agricultural workers were paid with tokens to make employees shop at the company store. Trade tokens promising free beer were handed out as advertisements for saloons, and tokens have occasionally taken the place of currency when it was scarce. "Hard Times Tokens" from the early 1800s were stamped with political satire. On a more personal note…

"What's new at AirForce?" This airgun article was originally published in 2013 in Shotgun News. Read about the latest developments in AirForce Airguns PCPs -- including the Swingline scuba tank clamp, Spin-Loc tank with gauge and onboard filling, improved trigger and safety, Condor SS and the Sound-Loc silencer kit:

Here's another feature article that was published years ago in "Shotgun News." The FX Revolution semiauto precharged pneumatic rifle was a real game-changer. After it came out, everyone else was playing catch-up and bringing out semiautos and using electronics with wild abandon. Some worked, some didn't. The FX Revolution is still sold, while some of the johnny-come-latelies have gone away: