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Crocodiles - Northern Territory - LinkedIn Gudies (Crocodile jumping out of the water, Darwin, Australia,

Lolong. The worlds largest crocodile, measuring 20ft and weighing over a ton.

The worlds largest crocodile, measuring and weighing over a ton.OMG that things enormous!

Самая красивая утка-мандаринка

Самая красивая утка-мандаринка

theanimaleffect:      Jong’s Crocodile Farm 14 by 9dr7 on Flickr.

Jong’s Crocodile Farm

Crocodile close up (It's very hard to explain what passes when I look at reptiles. There's a feeling something like fear strongly rivaled by a feeling of recognition, of family, and then remembering... I am but a human. RUN! :))

'Smile and smile and be a villain.' ~ Hamlet (crocodile) - I do hate to apply the word villain to any animal since they are only doing what they must to survive, but the quote was just too apt in this case.


Alaska Brown Bear 2 by Nature’s Photo Adventures - David G Hemmings on

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Sobeks, a race of humanoid crocodiles living in the northern Ashinian Isles. consider them dangerous, carnivorous and savage creatures.